Family Life Service is a Voluntary Organisation


Family Life Service is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to provide a range of educational, counselling and support services.

Counsellors in each service are selected for their personal qualities and are provided with in-depth training to enable them to provide a professional service, yet in a  voluntary capacity.


Mission Statement

To provide professional counselling and support to individuals and couples in a secure and caring environment.



  • To provide a quality counselling and support service delivered by trained professional counsellors and support workers.
  •  To deliver a service that is non-judgemental and confidential to all clients.
  • To support and enrich family life in its diversity, and to affirm the values and uniqueness of each human being.
  • To support its counsellors and support workers in its commitment to excellence through comprehensive training, ongoing professional development and reflection on its work.


Services we provide

  • General Counselling
  • Bereavement Care Services