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Accord Counselling Services


Accord has been delivering a professional counselling service in Ireland for over fifty years.  There are sixty Accord centres throughout all the Dioceses of Ireland, North and South.  In Accord we are committed to providing a professional counselling service for individuals and couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage and relationships.  We provide a safe place to explore relationship difficulties in a confidential, respectful and non-judgemental setting.

Marriage & Relationship Counselling

Accord offers a safe, professional and confidential service facilitating couples and individuals to explore, reflect upon and resolve difficulties in their marriage and relationship.

Accord counsellors deliver a professional counselling service.  Using a non-directive approach, they help clients to identify underlying issues, clarify their needs and expectations, work through areas of conflict and explore sensitive and painful issues in a safe environment.

“We wish we had contacted Accord sooner as they really helped us resolve our issues”


All Accord counsellors go through a rigorous selection process.  They are accredited and trained to the highest professional standards, building on innate qualities of genuineness and warmth.

Supervision & Training

All Accord counsellors receive ongoing professional supervision and continuous professional development in relationship counselling.  This ensures the service clients receive is of the highest quality.


Counselling Procedure

In the first session the counsellor will explore with clients the reasons they are attending counselling, explain the counselling process and the terms under which Accord offers counselling.  In addition to Marriage and Relationship Counselling, we also offer Marital Sex Therapy, Domestic Violence Counselling and Fertility and Wellbeing Counselling.   Referral will be made by the counsellor to the appropriate service.

How much will counselling cost? Accord is a non-profit organisation and much of our professional service is delivered on a voluntary basis.  We do incur overheads in providing this service and to cover some of these costs we ask for a contribution based on ability to pay.  The amount for each session will be agreed upon at the first session with a counsellor.  No one is turned away from Accord because of inability to pay.

How often do we/I attend? Initial sessions tend to be weekly and last no longer than one hour.  Longer breaks may occur between sessions as counselling progresses.

Is the service confidential? Accord maintains the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality at all times.  Confidentiality may only be broken to protect a child or adult, including the client, from abuse and danger.  Should confidentiality need to be broken, this will normally happen following a discussion with the client(s).

Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults Accord maintains a robust safeguarding children and vulnerable adult’s policy.  Where Accord gains information that establishes reasonable grounds to conclude that a child or vulnerable adult is in danger, this information must be reported to the relevant state bodies.

Records Case notes are written by the counsellor after each counselling session.  The purpose of these notes is to assist the counselling process.  The notes will not contain any information that will identify the client.  The notes are stored in a secure locked cabinet and will be destroyed one year after the date of the last counselling session unless they relate to the abuse of children or vulnerable adults.

Cancellations If clients cannot attend for counselling, the Centre secretary needs to be informed as soon as possible.  We will offer an alternative appointment.

Ethics Policy All Accord counsellors work under a strict code of ethics and practice.  This policy protects our clients and ensures a high quality service.

Complaints Accord welcomes and values client opinion.  If clients are unhappy with the service received, ACCORD would like to be informed.  Initially concerns are handled by the Chairperson of the Centre where counselling is taking place.  If clients are not satisfied with this, they may wish to bring their complaint to the Regional Officer and to Central Office.


Mission Statement

Empowering people   *   Fostering relationships    *     Caring for couples facing the challenges that marriage may bring

Our Goal

To deliver a professional counselling service in an effective and caring manner.

Client Charter

Our clients have the right to:

Confidentiality & Respect Privacy and confidentiality; Respect for different cultures & beliefs; Courtesy at all times

Client Focused Service Valued as a unique individual/couple; Services tailored to their needs

Openness and Fairness Fair and transparent treatment

Health and Safety Clean, accessible & safe counselling rooms; Ease of access for people with disabilities / special needs

Feedback Welcome  We invite suggestions that will help improve/develop our services.